But these days, eating can feel more rigid and frustrating than joyful or even (gasp) fun. 


I believe everyone deserves a stress-free relationship with food, eating, and exercise. 

Food is far more than just nutrients and calories. Food can be a representation of our culture, family history, a source of comfort and celebration as well as nourishment...if we let it.

Dieting keeps you locked away in a cage of shame, false hope, and insecurities. Too much calorie counting, too little connection to what your body really needs. 

You might not know how. 

Are you hungry for freedom? 

Are you hungry for freedom from body insecurities, the defeat of another “failed” diet, or intrusive food thoughts consuming hour after hour of your daily life?

Are you hungry for freedom to welcome pleasure and confidence to your eating, joy to your movement, and celebration of all that your body can do?

I can help. Even if you feel like you’ve tried it all before. 

You deserve to have a peaceful relationship with food. Through nutrition therapy, I help guide you to break free of the mindset and missteps that have kept you feeling stuck, ashamed, and alone. 

Intuitive Eating is a journey. It won’t be linear, but through our partnership, you’ll gain freedom as you’ve never experienced before. Freedom that you deserve, right now. 

I firmly believe that food should be fun, delicious, & flexible -- not rigid, stressful, or complicated!

To best support your progress, I combine my  experience, nutrition education, and counseling skills into trauma-informed, weight-inclusive care to support you in your journey. My years of experience have taught me that change is hard, uncomfortable, and scary...but WORTH IT. 

I’m excited to partner with you so that you can find joyful ways to care for your whole self, both physically and emotionally. I offer you the evidence-based tools and compassionate support you need to break free from dieting, once and for all. Let’s find Food Freedom, together. 

Are you in?

Your first step is to schedule your complimentary 15-minute call for you and me to get to know one another.

Our goal is to find food freedom, by tuning out all the noise and tuning back into your body.

 Caroline taught me how easy it is to add ingredients/foods to my meals that will easily make me less stressed about what I am eating. I loved learning about the difference between satisfaction and just being “full.” That is a tool I use every day now. Caroline has such a gentle approach and is so caring, I absolutely loved working together and continue to follow along with all of her resources and guides for nutrition and intuitive eating!

- Anna N. 

Working with Caroline last year was life changing. I didn’t realize how entrenched I was in diet culture. The work helped with more than my physical health and diet, it helped mentally. Would highly recommend!

 -Sumner B.

Caroline has truly changed my life. After years of yo-yo dieting, I developed a lot of anxiety around certain food groups. This led me to restrict myself and when I would indulge, I would eat too much and feel a lot of shame and guilt. In 6 short months, Caroline helped me get to a place of food freedom. She helped me to be able to enjoy my life where all foods fit!

- Alex D. 

I have known Caroline for almost two years. Of all the many dietitians that I have worked with, she is by far the best. Eating disorders are secretive diseases and what I love about Caroline is that I feel comfortable enough to be HONEST with her. She is passionate about her job and it shows through her work. If I could give 6 stars, I would!

 - candace c.

Caroline has been one of the best things that has happened to me! When we met I had a terrible relationship with food, among other things. We have been meeting frequently for the last two years and I cannot believe the progress I have made with her. I've learned to respect food, myself, and so many other things in this journey with intuitive eating and I am so thankful to have worked with her! 

- Katie C.

Caroline helped me lower my stress that accompanies trying to “eat clean” 24/7. She helped me realized that there are so many more factors that go into eating other than gaining/losing weight. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their relationship with food, regardless if you are trying to gain/lose/maintain weight.

 -Kellie B.

 She makes you feel entirely normal and works with you based on your individual needs. She is also incredibly accessible and talking to her now feels like talking to one of my friends. 12/10 would recommend Caroline to anyone who struggles with disordered eating - she is incredible.

 - Jane C.

benefits of working with an intuitive eating dietitian:

Improved body image & self-esteem
Decreased stress & anxiety 
Increased rates of physical activity
Improved metabolism 
Decreased binge eating, disordered eating, and emotional eating 
Improved health markers such as blood glucose, lipids, blood pressure
Improved quality of life

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Caroline Green, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
Non-diet Nutrition Therapist

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