Are you ready to quit the dieting rollercoaster forever and become an intuitive eater? Join this go-at-your-own-pace Virtual Intuitive Eating Course to heal your relationship to food and your body - FOR GOOD. No more counting calories or restricting your favorite foods! There’s a better path to health & wellness and you deserve it.

As your Registered Dietitian, I offer you this virtual course as an accessible, easy way to learn all about intuitive eating from the comfort of your couch! It's time to quit searching for the "magic diet" and learn how to make healthy habits for a lifetime, free from black-and-white diet rules.

Virtual Intuitive Eating Course

Learn all about nutrition without obsession.

Gentle Nutrition for Life -

Quit Dieting for GOOD!

Once you sign up for the Course, you'll receive an email to sign up for your own Practice Better Portal. Here you will access all your video modules, handouts, worksheets, food journal, and chat function. You'll also receive access to the complete Recipe Collection - with over 200 different nourishing recipes to try!

Course Investment – $240

   Sick of the binge-restrict cycle and want a more peaceful relationship to food?
   Tired of feeling guilty after eating foods you deem as “bad”?
   Ready to quit obsessing over calories & the number on the scale?
   Wanting to learn how to incorporate more nutrient-dense foods without dieting or making it all-or-nothing?   
   Wanting to learn the basics of nutrition without food “rules”?
   Struggling with constant food thoughts, compulsive exercise, and anxiety about your body?
   Struggling with emotional eating, food restriction, disordered behaviors, or orthorexic tendencies?
   Ready for food freedom, and to learn how to become an intuitive eater from a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor?
  Ready to learn from the comfort of your home, at your own pace?

(or 3 payments of $80)


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What's Included in this Course:

12 video modules, you can access anytime!
Intuitive eating worksheets and activities
Access to hundreds of nourishing recipes
Optional food journaling (no numbers!)
1 Month Chat support
Research studies supporting your learning
RD support & feedback

Are You Ready for Food Freedom?

I'm Caroline Green - Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

My passion is to help you find freedom when it comes to nutrition & eating - no dieting, food rules, or yo-yoing here! I help you learn sustainable nutrition habits that empower you to feel your best self. 

Let's work together to practice gentle nutrition for LIFE.

No more calorie counting.
No more restrictive diets.

Hey there! Have we met yet?


 Caroline taught me how easy it is to add ingredients/foods to my meals that will easily make me less stressed about what I am eating. I loved learning about the difference between satisfaction and just being “full.” That is a tool I use every day now. Caroline has such a gentle approach and is so caring, I absolutely loved working together and continue to follow along with all of her resources and guides for nutrition and intuitive eating!

- Anna N. 

Working with Caroline last year was life changing. I didn’t realize how entrenched I was in diet culture. The work helped with more than my physical health and diet, it helped mentally. Would highly recommend!

 -Sumner B.

Caroline has truly changed my life. After years of yo-yo dieting, I developed a lot of anxiety around certain food groups. This led me to restrict myself and when I would indulge, I would eat too much and feel a lot of shame and guilt. In 6 short months, Caroline helped me get to a place of food freedom. She helped me to be able to enjoy my life where all foods fit!

- Alex D. 

I have known Caroline for almost two years. Of all the many dietitians that I have worked with, she is by far the best. Eating disorders are secretive diseases and what I love about Caroline is that I feel comfortable enough to be HONEST with her. She is passionate about her job and it shows through her work. If I could give 6 stars, I would!

 - candace c.

Caroline has been one of the best things that has happened to me! When we met I had a terrible relationship with food, among other things. We have been meeting frequently for the last two years and I cannot believe the progress I have made with her. I've learned to respect food, myself, and so many other things in this journey with intuitive eating and I am so thankful to have worked with her! 

- Katie C.

Caroline helped me lower my stress that accompanies trying to “eat clean” 24/7. She helped me realized that there are so many more factors that go into eating other than gaining/losing weight. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their relationship with food, regardless if you are trying to gain/lose/maintain weight.

 -Kellie B.

 She makes you feel entirely normal and works with you based on your individual needs. She is also incredibly accessible and talking to her now feels like talking to one of my friends. 12/10 would recommend Caroline to anyone who struggles with disordered eating - she is incredible.

 - Jane C.

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